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The best Orthopedic device manufacturers in India

ISO Certified Orthopedic Medical device Manufacturers

Plus Orthopedics ISO Certificate

Growing Stronger with our innovative solutions for extremities, hip, and knee replacement surgery.

You can believe in ...

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ISO orthopedic implant manufacturing

Founded in 2004 as a medical supplies distributor, today PLUS Orthopedics device manufacturers have become a leading producer and provider of orthopedic surgical products for hip and knee arthroplasty.

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Plus Ortho wants to promote the excellence of Made in India products in the field of medical devices throughout the world.


Plus Ortho‘s objective is to work every day to allow patients to enjoy their mobility again.

Plus Orthopedics device manufacturers do not simply manufacture and supply a product, we create a relationship of trust and mutual growth.

Explore our Range of Products

PLUS Orthopedic device manufacturers have an array of prostheses ready for you with cementable and cementless implants, that empower surgeons to offer a patient-specific approach for each knee replacement procedure.

Our Brands

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Past Events

Naviswiss Events
Swiss handled Robotic Precision for Hip and Knee Replacement
Naviswiss Punjab Flyer
TKS CME Yercaud flyer
Ceramic Knee Launch in India
Chennai l Coimbatore l Mumbai l Pune
Coimbatore invitation Ceramic knee png_Page_1.png
Pune invitation Ceramic knee_Page_1.png
Chennai invitation Ceramic knee_Page_1.png
Mumbai invitation Ceramic knee_Page_1.png

Upcoming Events

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