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Business Consultation


At PLUS Orthopedics, we work closely with multi-national corporations, and medical practitioners and implement partnerships to benefit from their experience and strengths to develop reliable, effective devices - both in terms of implantable devices and instrumentation.

You can believe in ...

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We leverage the expertise of our prosthesis specialist partners who invests heavily in testing and measuring equipment.

Therefore we guarantee products of excellent functionality, and maximum comfort for patients and physicians. 

Our Quality Assurance Policy is aimed at emphasizing the fact that we do not compromise on safety and quality. 

Our Partners

Stem cup logo

Head-quartered in Zurich, Switzerland - Stem cup is one of the  best Orthopaedics consulting company, which specializes in innovative products of highest quality and precision.

Synimed logo

Synimed is a French company that specializes in the design and manufacture of medical devices.

Naviswiss logo

Naviswiss is a Swiss company that strives to make navigation smarter by putting it in the hands of the orthopedic surgeon. Surgical precision and innovative simplicity - designed, engineered, and manufactured in Switzerland.

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